Our Services

 Toowoomba Veterinary Services

Vaccination programs

The Practice is using the top quality vaccines including the 3 year C3 vaccine for dogs and the FIV vaccines for cats.

Heartworm Prevention for dogs

We stock a variety of options include the popular yearly Heartworm injection.

Tick prevention options

Paralysis Ticks continue to be one of the biggest problems facing pet owners in and around Toowoomba. Our staff can advise you on the best options available for your pets

Flea control measures

Come in and talk to our staff about the many treatment programs available - including the new once a month tablet for dogs.

Intestinal worming treatments

We stock a variety of quality options that will suit even the fussiest of pets

Dietary advice

The practice stocks quality premium dog and cat food for the life stages from puppies and kittens through to seniors. The friendly staff can also tailor weight loss programs and advise on other options including low allergy diets and dental diets.

General surgery

We routinely perform all of the general surgery for dogs and cats including desexing, lump removals and wound repair.

Orthopaedic surgery

The practice has the capability to undertake many orthopaedic procedures including Cruciate repairs in dogs. We also have the ability to accommodate a visiting specialist surgeon to tackle the more complicated operations.

Dentistry for dogs and cats

The practice is well equiped to provide dental scaling, polishing and extractions if required.

Treatments for allergic skin disease

We can discuss the range of options are available for treatment from shampoos and conditioners, through Omega III supplements to anti-inflammatory medications.

Arthritis treatment options

We have a range of treatment approaches from nutriceutical supplements through to anti-inflammatory programs.

Puppy Preschool

The nurses conduct these classes. Please phone the surgery for details of the next class.

In-House Laboratory work

The practice has the ability to perform a large number of routine testing procedures on Blood, urine, faeces and skin samples.

Referral pathology

We can arrange same day routine blood tests with a commercial laboratory in Toowoomba and we can use the specialist Veterinary Laboratory in Brisbane for more detailed pathology specimen analysis.

Radiology and ultrasound

The practice is equipped to undertake investigations using xray and ultrasound technology.

Referral to Veterinary Specialists

The practice has the ability to refer more difficult cases to Brisbane in the areas of feline & canine medicine, advanced surgery and oncology including radiation treatment.